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What's up guys.

I am new to the thread part of this website, however have been following the site for some time. I own an LC2(manual) accent 2dr and have a question about exhaust. I recently moved to PA from SC where there are no emissions or state inspections unless you purchase a new car. I installed 4-1 headers and a Apexi Dunk exhaust while in SC having to modify the existing exhaust to accept the change. I kept most of my stock parts, so all I need to re-install the stock exhaust is the front exhaust flexpipe so I can pass emissions. Does anyone know if the flexpipe from the 2000-2002(part#802453) fits on a 2004 model. I can't find the flex pipe for a 2004, except from the dealer, and we all know how that goes. I have searched many previous posts but have come up with nothing. Any help is appreciated.

P.S. I have seen some modified Accents here in Hanover, PA. If your in the area, or nearby, drop me a line.

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