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did u buy it new.. so you know there was no accident before you got it and may have had some repairs done??

dealer better fix it for you, paint's warrantied for a few years. May not be all lantras, there could be lots of reasons the factory job went bad. I have some cracking in my paint on my hood near where I cut it, I got it heated up from the underside, and then right after it cooled, my friend stuck a friggen screw driver under it and pushed it up a little bit to make the molding fit, the dumbass.. so there is cracks there.

I am sure that didn't help at all, damnit, I am shutting up now. But seriously, dealer has to warranty it, make sure you get it all done in the spring, and make sure it is a quality job. Inspect it from top to bottom, back again, look for drips, look for small specs that they need to get out, everything, and bitch until it's done right. You got a new car, you want it to look new for a long time.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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