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paint/spoiler cracking

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i posted this yesterday on hyundai mafia thread but i'll tell you guys too:

well today i parked under a tree at work..... came out and there was a tiny bit of poop on the back fender so i cleaned it off.... the i saw a "spider web" looking thing one my spoiler..... well come to find out its either a crack in the paint or my spoiler is cracked from my break light going left.... it's about an 2 or 3 inches long.... wonder if it's under warrenty..... even more wtf happened to make it crack.... but it doesnt look like anything/anyone hit mycar....... ugh it's bad enough my car has shopping cart battle scars from the hurricanes last year on my driverside door..... if it's not under warrenty i'm just going to buy a short wing or a civic spoiler to replace it.... my mom okayed it so that might be my next mod........ i might have to make a brake light if i take my spoiler off.....i'll just buy a led strip and hook it up to my brake wires and mount it on the inner top of my rear window.........

walmart sucks

UPDATE: i was looking at the spoiler and saw that on my roof the paint is starting to fade..... or the clearcoat is starting to fade.... can it get fixed under warrenty????? is it under warrenty???????:depressed:

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Dude...either the salty air is wreaking havoc on your paint suuuuper-quickly, or the cleaning products you're using are wreaking havoc on the paint. And yes, the paint is under warranty for a year.
MOTHERF***ER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY CAR IS ABOUT 17 MONTHS OLD............. this is bu**sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can I do anything to fix it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? myself?????:depressed:

if the spoiler IS cracked isn't that under a 5 year bumper to bumper warrenty????????:depressed:

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