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Parts for LC2

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would a cai for a mitsubishi eclipse fit an lc2???? if so my friend wants to sell his to me for $40.... cause his friend blew the engine in his car and wants to sell it for $300.... any other parts i should look at buying from him that would fit my car..... seats, spoiler, turbo, shifter....etc.

any and all info would be freakin awesome... if so i'll just buy the car for $350:smoking:
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read this sticky:

Get a Nylon Loom to put around the radiator hose to keep the intake from rubbing off the ruber and putting a hole in it.

40.00 is too much for a used intake from an eclipse. Unless it has a K&N filter pass on it (which pays for itself) and buy one off ebay. Because that is probably where he got it.. and it over charging you.

Now if its a K&N intake itself.. than go for it.

Now a turbo Cold air intake wont work, it has to be a NON TURBO CAI from the eclipse.

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if it is a non turbo eclipse and its manual, can u see if he'll sell the transmission. Sorry for being off topic but i need a manual tranny because i bent my shift fork and my gears are shot.thanx

Don't they have MT Eclipses at local junkyards? I know we have a grip of 'em here in SoCal. Just seems a bit more reasonable than shipping a tranny from FL to Pa without so much as inspecting it.

Like Vamp said... read the thread. It'll work well enough. Again though, like he said... at $40 for a used piece... You're getting boned. Not much of a friend, I'd say. Also read the thread about the Short Ram vs. CAI.

As for the interior crap... Most miscellaneous stuff will change over, with some finesse at times, but it may look odd. ex: tan cloth seats would look teh lame in your black-ish interior. (not saying thats what he has, just saying everything is on a case by case basis)

I would possibly think about getting the whole thing for $350 regardless. Then part it out. EBAY and such are great for things like that. People are often looking to replace cracked dashboards, broken armrests, and the like. Just a suggestion.
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