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where do they sell chips for the 95-99 x3 accent with and SOHC 1.5L? could/has anyone put a 1.6L ecu in? (i think i read they're different) or possibly an ecu from a dohc GT from the same years? i have a gsi, but its got an SOHC, so if theres any difference for the gt's i don't think the gsi would have the same ecu, cus its the same engine as the bsae model! anyways, so where do they sell aftermarket chips, and could/has anyone done any of these.

<hr width=60% noshade size=1 align=left>'98 Accent GSi
Naxos muffler / custom 2 1/4" catback
Clear side markers
Custom front grills
Custom CAI
Racing pedals
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