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Performance parts for s coupe?

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Im irritated at the lack of prformance parts, if anyone knows where
to get them please let me know.
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believe me we all are thats why I am doing a beta swap in one of my scoupes and I will see how I like it and I might possibly beta swap my other scoupes too.
if you think your aftermarkrt support is bad imagine mine. i have to modify or make everything myself
I know its pretty much the same for us Scoupe guys too
I have found a set of cams for the 93 S-coupe turbo built by bullfrog. I hope this will help out some. I am still looking for parts for mine...... Thinking about just installing a stock exhaust and turbo for now.
i havent found any performance parts for my car ever, only open airfilters lol

ive made my own iintercooler pipings from stainless steel, and use the intercooler of a pajero.

and i made my own exhaust from downpipe to back.

and placed weitec shocks and springs.

next project---> 4G63T engine
where did you find those cams? i cant find any cams made by bullfrog

Can you post a pics about your car because I am interested too to buy Weitec shocks and springs. How much is the overall drop? how's the comfort and ride?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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