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Well, KORE has a short intake. I think Shark Racing is going to come up with their new CAI pretty soon. There are Eibach springs that you can get either from KORE or SharkRacing (for some reason SR sells them cheaper). I've heard very good responses about Eibach's. Seems like everyone likes them.
KORE is going to have new racing coilovers in December. But they are going to be around $1200! 10 way adjustable!!! I want them so bad!
Well, these are all parts I can remember for our GT's. Ohhh, SharkRacing has Astrel bodykit for GT. I don't like it but for now it's the only one for 5door. I like Zefiro kit but they have it for GLS only.
Okay, that's it. Hope it helps!

2001 Hyundai Elantra GT
Formula One tint all around
More mods to come...
Arlington, VA
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