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Performance shocks?

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I'm racing in autocross in the stock category. I'm allowed to change the shocks and i was wondering what i should get. Koni's are nice but they are a bit too expensive. Any suggestions?

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kyb should also have a line of shocks for your car. they should have the gr-2's which are alot cheaper but are non adjustable. check they will have a list of things available for your car.

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my car is yellow. [email protected]
Are they a lot better than the stock shocks that came with the Tiburon?

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we will have pricing for our full race coilovers this week. they are done and ready to go. they will be sold on a special order only basis right now. All models 10 setting on valving gas charged, twin spring design. for all hyyundai models. we also have sprot shocks, gas charged OE style shortened strut tube for most models. waiting on final pricing for them

KYB does have shocks! You can call NOPI and ask for prices, I know for my Accent the were only like 300 and some odd change!

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