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PFS: LC CF hood, wheels, GK Seats, ect.

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Well im moving on and parting out the accent. I decided to keep the car as a backup. Here is the price list

Grade A Shark racing carbon fiber hood, $400
Tiburon GK Leather seats $250
ATH grills $100
16" Rota grids wrapped with nitto tires $400 obo
Sick division sideskirts and rear bumper (front lip needs to be bondoed and repainted)

Later on I will
Possibly sell the Turbo Kit
Tail lights

All pictures can be found here
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dibs on the ath grills and the CF hood. Are you willing to ship the CF hood? Ok thanks let me know. When you decide to sell the turbo kit let me know.
are these items still up for sale? I am still interested.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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