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K well i have a 1996 gt accent with a 185000 km on the engine and body, and 45000 km on the tranny.....It has a few things that need to be fixed on it, right upper ball joint on the passanger front, a lil bit of body work, the door used to be messed up, but its mostly fixed now, recently done to the car has been oil change, fixed the audio system.
The front windshield is cracked, but i have a replacement that i still have to go pick up for it that i will include with the car. It is 5 speed, and has a LuK performance clutch in it as well. I'm also including in the car the Pioneer-DEH-1400 cd deck, kenwood 5 1/4, pioneer 6x9's, 2 10" Coustic subs in sealed box, pyle 4 chan amp for the subs and a small 100 watt front one for the front speakers. its the system basically in the car, i dont feel like taking it all apart and everything so id rather just leave it in. Anything else anyone wants to ask, ill be happy to answer questions. Ill have pics posted today or tomorrow, spikie as seen my car so he knows the deal too if he would like to add anything here that i have
As for price....I'm looking for $1500 cnd or best offer...
I will know though for sure if I'm truely selling it, if my body by tonight decides that he doesnt want to buy it.

LTB: I'm also looking to buy a few misc parts.....97-01 tib short shifter is the main thing at the moment...if i can think off anything else, ill update this
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You can get a Megan Racing short shifter off eBay for about 35 bucks USD. Its a decent shifter but if you are intending on using it in an Accent it will require some modification but there is a DIY in the Accent forum.
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