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PFS: t3super 60 turbo with 1000 miles, needs new seals $200!!

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OK guys, i just got my new bigger t3/t40e 50 trim turbo, so obviously i wont be needing my t3 super 60 turbo.

This is a Great turbo up to around 260-270 whp.. Gary had the same turbo on his car for a long time and ran 250 whp @ 16psi.

The turbo i am selling is pretty much new but in need of new oil seals. probably on both sides.. it has roughly 800-1000 miles on the turbo, and spools quickly.. i was fully spooled around 2700k ish it seemed.

the reason the seals blew was because my oil return was too low, and the oil couldnt drain freely and well, you know what happens then.. i didnt have any problems with the compressor side of the turbo blowing oil until the other day.. had a lil oil in my upper IC pipe.

its a great turbo, capable of good amounts of power, and pretty much brand new. it was externally gated by the way, and has a 5-bolt flange..

i have some installed pics when i put the turbo on and it looks the same now.. i havent taken it off yet, because i need time to install the new turbo and DP..

heres some old pics..

i am looking for $200.00 plus shipping to anywhere in the US.
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bump, no one wants a cheap, almost new, easy to rebuild turbo??
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