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Hey Guys,

New the forums,

just picked up my 07 SR last week. To sum it up, I pretty much love it. It handles great right out of the box and sounds good too! I love the sound system included. I don't think i'll do many mods to this car as i've done to my other one, but im already getting the itch for some coilovers....

I got it in "Ebony Black" which is usually my first choice for cars.

One thing i wanted to ask, Where the hell is the MAF in these cars? The non-SR's with stock air-boxes have mafs, but these dont? Are these running on MAP sensors instead??

Either way, love the car, out of the box it looks great. Its mostly for my wife/kids but im still babying it and keeping it clean. I'll post pics later tonight.

For now,

here is my "other car". My 1998 Jetta 2.0T.

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