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pics of my pony...

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pics of my pony... in slow progress....

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hey is that parked on Dundas Street? If so Jed made me pull in one night to look at it and he left you a note.
ah ha... it was you guys who left me a note... i thought it was strange why someone would want my pony... LOL ^_^
hah, well Jed always wants every pony he sees! lol...he made me cut through through lanes of traffic and make a u-turn in the middle of a busy intersection so I could catch up to a red pony. We then caught up to it in a parking lot, he tracked down the owner in Shopper's Drug Mart, turned out to be an old lady, Jed gave her his info offering to buy it and even fix it for free!

Hah, well anyway I think Jed said he might have a seat for you, or something, I cant remember. But I told him that you posted about not being able to start it up so I'll get him to respond to you about that asap.
try to put a beta in there and make a sick hyundai drift car!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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