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**PICS UP FS - Complete LC crash pad fiberglassed smooth

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This is the crash pad/dashboard for the LC(2000-2002) Accent(would probably work for the LC2(2003-2006) Accent as well, but not 100% sure)

This has been fiberglassed smooth and painted white. It would make a great addition to your car if you want to have something original and either
1: don't want to do the work
2: don't want to f-up your dashboard and have it be permanent.

There are a couple of holes where a tach was mounted, and a few paint blemishes easily repainted. This also comes with the cover that goes around the steering wheel. (no glovebox)

I'll post pics of this tomorrow. I had hopes of putting this in my car someday but I just don't think it's goign to work out.

Price - $125 plus shipping(which I can say may be about $30 because it's a HUGE box)

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is that a complete fiberglass pad or is it just a covered one?
it is the plastic crash pad, with a layer of fiberglass on top of it to make it smooth instead of that fake plastic leathery surface texture.
BUMP - I know SOMEONE is interested in this!
i just emailed u like 5 min ago lol
BUMP - get this out of my freakin garage.
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