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hi all,
Well after having my lantra boosted for about oh 2months it went bang.
it was making 156kw at the front wheels on 12psi, which was very handy.
anyway a nice hiway trip and a 240k/ph stint destroyed my pistons. why i'm not sure, might have been the hot plugs i had in it, maybe the computer leaned out my fuel, either way the stock slugs are
Now that i'm rebuilding it i've found some wiesco pistons to put in, .040 oversize and a full hp rebuild kit. The question i have is that the pistons come in a variety of comp ratios, ranging from around 8, 8.8, 9.5 and 10:1.
Im only really gunna plan to run 15psi max, as thats where my turbo max's out so i was gunna shoot for the 9.5 items. im running a mircotec lt10-s ecu so messing with the tune is ok to get it running good for the 9.5:1 ratio. I dont want to kill my off boost driveability as its still a daily. i'm also keen to get anew set of rods to, i was going to stay with rods measuring the same as stock and just take the bore out .040 tho. im guessing power should be around the same mark, what do you people think??
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