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Please read about aluminium flywheel order.

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Okay, I had to switch my clutch because of mods, and nitrous, I talked to clutch masters and got a stage 3 street/race clutch. They offer flywheels for many of there kits except tiburons. He said if he was to know of a demand for them they would make one. How many of you would be interested in ordering a aluminium flywheel if it was available. Serious buyers please since I am going to let him know how many of you would want them. Thanks this would be an awesome mod since I had mine out yesterday and it weighs probably 25 lbs , it was very heavy for such a small flywheel. thanks.<img src=icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle>
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You might want to wait.

Fidanza is making flywheels. They should be out soon.

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