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Possible good news about brake pads

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After doing some long reasearch it appears that brakes from a 84-86 Honda accord will fit our cars. Which means that Hawk does make pads that might fit.

Tommorow I am going to visit the local autoparts store to compare pads and purchase a set of accord brakes to test fit them

The honda brakes are 5.02 inchs accorss by 1.89 inches wide and the accent is 127mmx49mmx15mm

by doing the conversion I came out with this 5.02 in= 127.50mm 1.89in= 48.00999mm

Now according to Ferodo brakes website, this pad will fit since it lists both accent and accord for the same part number. The pad might have to be modded somewhat but I think it will work out
Honda pad

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Score. Good job with the research.
which model accent are you referring to?

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lc and lc2

they fit but require some cutting
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