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Power Shifting

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what exactly is Power shifting???
ive heard that term before and i was wondering what it means..

please help!!


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shoot, not sure, speed shifting is shifting without getting off gas. Maybe power shifting is shifting without using clutch, I am not sure though

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I dont think that the Tibby's are set up to use clutchless shifting I can do it in a semi but I wouldn't recomend it in a normal car there not really set up for it. Sure you can do it but one i would advise learning on something older and something thats not going to matter if u hurt it or not, two doing this in a normal car will tear up the sycros pretty fast there not meant to work this way.

you can shift without the clutch :) yeah, in a tib... i wouldn't say it was great on speed

i would cast my vote that power shifting is the same thing as speed shifting... keep the foot on the gas, and when you drop it into the next gear, you get pulled forward a lil bit
Power shifting can be done in a car with synchros, you just need to find the sweet spot. I have done it in my tib quite successfully, but that is only after years of practice in toyota corollas...

Power shifting is when you change gears without engaging the clutch... at all.

I don't recommend it though (if you care about your car), like Budder said, it can tear up the syncros pretty fast, if you don't know what you are doing.

Too, the sweet spot in the Tib (as well as the Corolla) is at lower RPMs (sorry, cannot be more specific). Therefore, it isn't much use for performance.
Power shifting is not changing gears without pressing the clutch.

Power shifting is changing gears without letting go of the gas.

You can change gears without pressing the clutch, which is easy to do going up gears, but hard to do going back down, but i can be done. All you have to do is keep an eye on the rpm and keep in mind at what speed the car is moving at. If you take the shifter off of first at 4000 rpm, don't expect to be able to put it into second without hitting the clutch at the same rpm. you gotta wait to let the rpms drop a bit until the window of opportunity opens up, and the shifter slides on in. If you wait too long, then you'll miss the window. Just apply a bit of pressure, and it'll go in. Downshifting without hitting the clutch is harder cause you sometimes have to hit the gas to raise rpms into the right range for the shifter to go into the third gear from the forth gear.

yes, power shifting is shifting with out the clutch! no, it is not bad! and
it does not involve "grinding" the gears! it requires proper timing!
accelerate to about 5000 rpm lift off the gas for a split second as your are
also upshifting to the next gear, as soon as this gear is engaged you jump
right back on the gas! it is quicker for a few reasons, first it takes less
time than using the clutch, and it also keeps the motors revs higher, closer
to peak torque! (practice on someone elses beater!) you can also downshift a
car with out the clutch, but that is more involved!


I began to suspect that the previous driver had heard about the theory of power shifting, <b>which means no use of the clutch </b> and which used to be standard practice for fast shifting on the race track. He had been practicing his power shifts for some time.


POWER SHIFTING: Refers to shifting gears without lifting the foot off the gas pedal. Shifting must be done quickly or the engine will rev too high. Don't let the engine rev more than 500 rpm between shifts. Not for the uncoordinated!


"We did give it a whirl, from 90-plus mph panic stops (it stopped dead straight) to power shifting/shifting without a clutch," Kris said.

It depends on who you talk to. Most web sites call Power Shifting- shifting without a clutch, some glossaries say it is shifting while still engaging the gas...

Nonetheless, it is not effective in newer cars, like it is in the older ones.
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Agreed that different sites will provide different definitions for the term power shifting. However, shifting while not pressing the clutch is "NOT" fast and quick since you have to wait for the rpms to drop to the "SWEET" spot. Changing gears without hitting the clutch is not fast, and is not done by professionals in racing. The racers want to maintain the rpms as high as possible to always be around their peak horsepower range. Power shifting (the one where you don't take your foot off of the gas) provides faster than normal shifting, and higher speeds, hence the term "power". Changing gears without hitting the clutch requires you to take your foot off of the gas a bit. It is good to know how to shift without hitting the clutch in the event of a clutch failure.

And power shifting is bad...very bad. It is as effective in new cars just as it is in older cars, if not more now, because in the event of tranny failure, the car is under warranty and can be replaced free. The difference between the cars that people used to power shift in the muscle car era, and the cars that we all have today is that the older cars had globs of power, where we don't. If you slap on a turbo to one of the four bangers, change the internals, and do other stuff to bring up the horsepower and torque to about the same range as the muscle cars, then power shifting will show you a better increase in acceleration than the muscle cars can due to the lighter weight of our cars. However, the tranny wont hold as long as one of those muscle car tranny's because it just wasn't designed to take the abuse. Something will break, eventually.

By the way, I did a seach as well, and found that most of the websites agree that power shifting is when you don't take your foot off the gas. Usually found in racing sites and muscle car forum boards. But I also found some that said it was when you didn't use the clutch.
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I'll conceed to that... sorry about the misinformation. i guess this is just one of those areas where people all have different names for the same things!
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