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Sorry about the bad translation.

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<b>Hyundai Coupé - successor of the current generation celebrates world premiere on the IAA in Frankfurt -

New Hyundai Coupé celebrates world premiere on the IAA - sporty 2+2-Sitzer with salient lines - two engine versions to the selection - 2,0-Liter unit with 137 HP - for the first time also 2,7-Liter V6 engine with approximately 175 HP - six-gear shift series with V6 - prices is not certain - </b>

(Neckarsulm) the highlight on the international motor show in Frankfurt will be in the anniversary year of the Hyundai engine Germany GmbH certainly the world premiere of the Hyundai Coupé. Also before 10 years, when Hyundai was present on the IAA for the first time, the s-Coupé belonged to automobiles already at that time to the model program and provided for the emotions. To the new Coupé that applies more than ever.

Strong styling accents, salient lines and remarkable lateral lufteinlassschlitze dominate the Design of the new Hyundai Coupé and give it the appearance, which one requires oneself for a sports car. An exhaust system with double final pipe is standard and supports dynamic seeming of a genuine sports car.

A sports car from the house Hyundai is however not only beautiful, but has also under practical criteria of advantages. Still the 2+2-Sitzer offers workstation for four persons and has thereby a respectable trunk. In the length the Coupé in the comparison to the predecessor grew again by 50 mm on approximately 4.40 meters. Also with the wheel base the Coupé added, which comes the workstation in the interior to property. The mass: Length of 4.395 meters, width of 1.76 meters, height of 1.33 meters, wheel base of 2.53 meters.

For introduction on the market - prospective in March 2002 - two engine versions are to the selection. The well-known and proven two-litre unit with 137 HP is located also further in the model program. It develops a max. torque of 180 Nm with 4500/min. Stronger and the purpose of a sports car the Hyundai Coupé of doubt without with the 2,7-Liter V6-Motor, which is offered for the first time also in the Coupé, is accordingly motorized. It carries approximately 175 HP out and developed its max. torque of 245 Nm already with 4000/min. The Top speed will be situated with approximately 220 km/h. Acceleration values are not present at present.

The chassis of the Hyundai Coupé was co-ordinated in the European research and development center in Eschborn with Frankfurt by the specialists with European and in particular German conditions. The new V6-Coupé with a six-gear shift will come in series to Germany. A four-level automatic with the well-known h-Matic - second manual switching lane - is optional for both engine versions.

Scarcely three per cent all in Germany certified auto are Coupés. In this surrounding field Hyundai was already established with the s-Coupé and the predecessor of the current Coupés. Also over 14.000 units the s-Coupé contributed from 1991 to 1996 a crucial proportion to the successful start on the German market. With approximately 7,000 certified units since introduction in 1996 this success history updated the Hyundai Coupé ascended into the segment of the middle class. The new Hyundai Coupé will continue this tradition and will set in the model program of the Hyundai engine Germany GmbH emotional accents.
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