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problems after afc install

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Today i had my afc controller installed and not only did it take the almost 4 hours but on my home at a stop light my car just stalled. It would on and the rpm's would jump to 1700 rpm and then fall to 850 rpm and then stall again. So i called up the shop i had it installed at and they said i had to reset it because some one had messed with the setting so i reset it and it ran horribly but it runs. So i was wondering if anyone had any setting's to reccemend any help would be great thanks.

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Was that the only thing that was done the safc? If everything is set on zero then no settings are changed. If it ran fine before i would set it all on zeros so it ran like it did before. You will have to go into the setup menu and set the options for your car. I dont have an safc but i have a apexi avcr and the unit is similar. The cylinder should be set on 4 and the throttle position arrow up and to the right.
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