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Progress on my Accent and KYB GR2 Questions

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Well I just got my wheels on, Kosei K1's with pirelli snow tires (yes I'm getting ready for the season now here in eastern PA) 195/50/R15. In the spring I'll switch them out for something I do not know yet, but I am looking for a 205/50 or 215/50. Before then though I would like to drop the car about 1.5 inches. I was going to go the KYB GR2 Strut and Eibach springs route, but I can only find the GR2's for the '00 - '02 accent models, is the '02 accent model identical to the '03 accent and I can just get the '02 accent KYB GR2's for my '03 GL? I'd like to do this soon, hopefuly in the winter with the tires still on, so I can see if there is any rubbing with the 195's and how much room I have left to maybe get the 215's, but 205's will suffice if there is rubbing. But yeah thats my question, will 2002 Accent KYB GR2 struts work on a 2003 GL?

Here are some pictures I took today on my day off.

So far:
Shark Racing front strut bar
Performance Ignition Wires
Sound System (rockford fosgate sub, alpine type R speakers all around)
Kosei K1 15" wheels
Red out on tail lights
White trim that doesn't look like *** IMO
Front Grille

By December:
KYB GR2 Struts
Eibach Springs (if that set up will work)
PSC Rear sway bar
Shark Racing Strut Bar

And now since by then the suspension will be built up in general, I'll bring the new year with my intended turbo project. (I wanted my car to handle well before I even thought about speed).

Hope you all enjoy the pics!
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Whoa, awesome. Love the colour scheme...white on white. I got 15" wheels and Eibachs too. With a strut bar and KYB shocks, handles pretty damn good I must say, 80km/h through some of the larger roundabouts near my way. :D

Have you tried experimenting with a black grill? Just an idea, only a minor thing, I found a black grill constrasts with the rest of the car much better tho. Just my .02 :) Good stuff though.

were can i buy the KYB GR2 struts and ruffly how much cause i need new struts bad and i have a set of spring i want to put on
The white on white does look very cool.
NEEDforSPEED said:
were can i buy the KYB GR2 struts and ruffly how much cause i need new struts bad and i have a set of spring i want to put on
that's the cheapest place i've been able to find them
I like the colour scheme...but your grille stands out say paint it a gun metal, and it will match the colour in the headlights too
Well, I guess to each their own. When I finally get around to clearing the corners, I think the fact that the headlights will be a complete shimmering metallic colour, the grill should match the headlights, in which case like this it will. And besides it seems that everyone on here paints in a dark colour or flat....I like to be different, I get a lot of compliments on how agressive the front end looks.

But thank you for the compliments and the reccomendations, but again I ask. KYB GR2's are only listed for up to the '02 accents....can I use them in my '03?
PA winters are fun arn't they?
Keep up the good work!
Yea dude. Thats my setup. Strut Tower brace. Eibach lowering, and KYB GR2 struts. 17x7 rims wrapped with Falken 452. and i can keep up with my friends civic w/ tein fully adjustable coilovers. LOL he was pissed off! lol
From what i've heard you can do it. I have an 03 Accent as well I was thinking about buying everything to see if it fits but haven't had the money to do so. I remember reading a post a long time ago on here that someone said it can be done. All I can say is try it if it doesn't work then try and take your stuff back.
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