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February 1, 2002

For immediate release

Daytona, Florida.

A field of 62 cars took the start of this afternoon’s Grand-AM cup race, held in Daytona, Florida. Team Hyundai Motorsports placed 11th and 13th in a promising season debut.

The driver line-up for the event was: Mark Craig/Wade Gaughran shared #6 car and Michael Ciasulli/ Steven Gorriaran shared #8.

Starting from the 4th and 10th position, Hyundai Motorsports car #6 went up to 2nd place at mid-race before an unexpected tire failure forced them to pit prematurely. Another major tire issue on both cars near the end prevented all chances of a podium finish. Hyundai Motorsports finished 11th & 13th.

Co-owner & driver Mark Craig commented: “The first half of the race went very well, we were second at one point, before the unfortunate tire situation. I am really proud of my guys; they did a good job and gave us a great car for the first race of the season. We now have to readjust a few things, but we will definitely be a contender at Fontana.”

“We are fighting a bit of a braking problem that we will need to correct. Finishing in the top 15 in our first race is impressive, considering the extra pit stops we made. Looking forward to the next race” Ciasulli noted.

“The track deteriorated quickly, and it became very slippery at the end, due to the rubber left by the other cars, but I had a blast. I am really satisfied of my first week-end with Hyundai Motorsports, they are very professional” added Steven Gorriaran .

Hyundai Motorsports’ driver Wade Gaughran set the third fastest lap of the race, he drove the #6 car to an impressive 2:18:496.

The next event of the Grand-American will be held in California, from March 21 to 23.

In the meantime, make sure not to miss our monthly articles on . These articles will explain in deeper details various parts of a race car. It will interest passionate race fans, from the expert to the beginner.

Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of our Hyundai Motorsports web site (March 2002).

For further information on Hyundai Motorsports, please visit or

Benoit Gosselin
Key Motorsport/Hyundai Motorsports
Director of Sales & Marketing
Ph: 450-473-8889
@: [email protected]

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