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Why not fit an air-water interooler? I am :)

But seriosuly, before you consider increasign the boost, consider fitting an oil cooler! I ahev had an oil temp gauge fitted to my S-Coupe Turbo, with the temperature sensor in the sump. At 60-70 km/h around town, the oil temperature sits around 100 deg C. Speed upto 110 km/h down the highway, and after 20-30 minutes, the oil temperature will hit 140-145 deg C. And this is on a mild 25 deg C day, with the boost set at the 'standard' 10 psi.

Bear in mind that it is around 150 deg C that engine oil starts to break down!

Now I have a 10 row oil cooler from a Saab 9-3 Turbo fitted, and the oil temperature sites nicely on 90-100 deg all day long. It cost me A$100 at a European wreckers, with an extra $60 for a sandwich plate from Revolution Racegear, and A$50 in hoses and fittings.

For A$210 it is cheap insurance against an engine rebuild.


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