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Putting in a aftermarket tack

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Does anyone know how to hook up a aftermarket rpm tachin a 97 model elantra?
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Your green wire from the tach, or the signal wire, must connect to the "engine speed sensor", or "engine tachomneter wire".

It is located under the dash and runs into the ecu. It is the only brown wire with a white stripe. Or its the only white wire with a brown stripe.. i cant quite remeber, but ill check after work if you havent got it working yet.

Its been three years since i did mine.. :ermm:
i never found the wire i tried the brown with a white stripe but it didnt do anything any other ideas
Did you wire up everything else correctly? Cause.. thats the wire, or its white with brown stripe. Ill look under my hood tomorrow.

Black- ground
Red- power
White- lights.

Thats standard wire locations for most tach's. Make sure your ground is good, and you do have power. I wired mine to the fuse location for radio for power, and used a 10 mm bolt for the dash for a ground.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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