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question about 2005 gas tank....

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trying to find an answer for this girl on myspace... thought you guys would know.....

So the car was on 1/4 of a tank today so I figured it's time to get it filled up... pull up to the pump... open the gas cap, put the nozzle in... lalalal... it stops at 16.50ish and 5.6ish gallons... me thinking bull **** it's not done because it has a 12 gallon tank right?!? well 11.9 whatever 12 gallon tank... so I get in and start it because it wouldn't let me pump anymore and of course it's only at like 3/4 maybe... so why the hell does it not let me fill it up?!? but yet when i put gas in it when it was at a half it let me fill it up.... but why doesn't it let me fill it up from 1/4 to F?!?!<br>
Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me? This has happened each time I went to try and get gas at Wawa, different Wawa's and different pumps... so what on earth... <br>
kk thanks.
any ideas guys?? (girls too :rambo: )

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She is either ramming the nozzle way to far down the hose or her canister close valve/filter may be clogged or sticking.
1 Point for C-DUB, other possible causes include hot gasoline/gas tank causing too much back-pressure on the nozzle. Ask her what the weather was like when she did this. If it was real hot then thats the cause, the solution is only pump gas in the morning. 2 reasons behind this: 1. liquids are denser when there cool aka more gas for your dollar. 2. wont be any heat build up in your tank so you can fill it all the way up to the expansion chamber (not really a chamber per say more like a big bubble on the top of the tank that allows for you guessed it expansion).
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