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question about bolt patterns

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heyy everyone.. im new to the forum and i have a question which is probably gonna be easily answered.. obviously i have a 2000 tiburon and i wanan know about the bolt pattern for rims.. i am interested in buying new rims but im confused about the bolt pattern... i know it is a 4 Lug but i also think it fits a 4/114 pattern?? is this similar to the 4/100 pattern? i know most rims i look at that are 4 Lug have this 4/1000 pattern and on the list of specific vehicles these rims will fit, the tiburon is not on there... must i stay strictly with the 4/114 pattern or will a 4/100 work also?? if you want a better idea, the link to the set of rims i am interested in is as follows:

thanks much...!
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4x114.3mm or 4x4.5". same thing, two different units of length.

4x100 wheels will not fit. those specific wheels will work though.
okay.. so the rims on the link i showed will fit my car??
Yes they should as the seller indicates that the wheels have both the 4x100 and 4x114.3 bolt pattern. Your car requires the 4x114.3 bolt pattern. The tires are the correct size to replace the stock size on your car and the offset is correct so if you like them, go for it.
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