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question to beta lc owners..

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I must know if you ever hear a shriek or a high pitched sound from the car when you're Accelerating into high rev's..

my car seem's to make a high pitched shriek Everytime i rev the engine around 6000RPM,
and because of that, I can't hear the sound of the beta 2.0 completly

it's annoying and frustrating, and even the air confilter or the stock air box can't hush it down.
it sound's almost as if the engine isn't running on oil but friction, but i checked my oil and the oil's there.
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I do not get any kind of high pitched noise at all, doe's it sound like a belt slipping type of noise??
Maybe not hight pitched.. but the engine sound changes completely in my J2 at 6000 rpm. Gets whiney and louder. Maybe its just the engine sound.

Like the uber annoying VW 16V clatter.... *shiver shiver*
nope no shrieks except one of my belts slips first thing in the morning for about 5 seconds.
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