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Questions about 2005 Accent GT speakers

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I have a accent with the base sound system. I bought a Pioneer MP3 CD deck model: DEH-2800MP last week and put it in. I am currently using the factory speakers. I will be replacing them soon. All I am finding is 2 way speakers for the accent. Are there 3 way speakers out there that for it? The speaker sizes are 4 inch and 5 1/4 I believe. Any help would be appreciated
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I haven't really looked at that car but are you sure it is 4" I believe you but my 01 is 5 1/4 all the way around. I am not sure if I have seen 3-way speakers that small because your largest driver would be only 4 inches or 5 1/4 in your case then you have a 1 inch tweet and what would be inbetween like a 2 or 3 inch maybe 4 kindof pointless the two speakers could handle what that third speaker could pick up and tuning would be a pain. For example these are really nice speakers but note how the larger woofer is 7" then it has a 3" driver. I could be wrong there may be some out there but I would say maybe look into custom door panels or modifying the ones you have.
The speakers are 5 1/4 all the way around althought with a bit of work I believe you could fit some 6 1/2's in the rear. I'll be giving that a try soon enough.
I would go with 2 way speakers and supplement with a small subwoofer to handle the duties of everything 150 Hz down
I have 6 1/2 in the rear of mine it wasn't hard to convert to them, but I am not even aware of a 6 1/2 3 way set-ups The smallest I know of is 7 1/4, Custom doors with 3 ways in them would sound great with 2 ways in the back and a sub. That is me the sub with two sets of 2 ways would work to too and be less work but wouldn't sound quite as good.
Did you notice much of a difference between having the 5 1/4's then 6 1/2's in the rear? I want to know if it's worth it. My problem now is I seem to be missing some mid bass. My highs are awesome and the low end bass is good but I need something to fill in the middle.
Well it is hard to tell a whole lot of difference since I went from all stock to very far from it, I would say they make a nice fill, if you are worried about the mid bass then it is probably worth it to you to do the 6 1/2 they will be able to drop a little lower then a 5 1/4 would. My fronts sounds pretty good so I don't have the rears turned up too loud, but it was probably worth it, it wasn't that hard to put them back there.
I also have 6 1/2 in the rear deck. I use them when cranking up the music, but for most of the time leave them off (switch) because I prefer the staging of the front components and the subwoofer only.
Thanks for the feedback. My big issue is that when I cut off the subs then all I have left is highs and no mids or bass so I'm trying to remedy that.
why would you cut off the subs? just don't cut them off lol

silly rabbit
I still have no mids, it's all high. The stereo should sound good without the subs and then sound awesome with them. Not sound like **** without them then pretty good with them. :dead:
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