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Okay...the winter months are upon us here in the northeast, and it's storage time for anyone that has a show vehicle. So, my questions are:

1) Has anyone ever stored a Tib for a few months without really starting it or driving it around?

2) Did you do anything special other than the usual fuel and oil additives?

3) Did you use a particular octane of fuel while it was being stored? I would assume you would want a higher octane sitting in the tank, right?

4) Someone said in a previous post that you can get a CEL if you leave your car sitting for too long without starting it. How do I stop that from happening?

Well, that's all the questions I have for now. I've stored my lowriders before, but they were older vehicles. I know the usual precautions about storing them, but I've never had a new car such as my Tib. I'll be working on it through the winter with the new paint job, body modifications, and interior work. But for the most part, it's just gonna be sitting in a garage until April or so. Thanx for all the help you can give.
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