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Hello everybody, I'm new here and am thinking of picking up an '01/'02 Accent GSi or the 4-door GL sometime soon... must have a 1.6L.... and A/C hehehe :p. I've just got a few questions for y'all. How is the car in terms of reliability? I've been reading around and the consumer reviews pretty much say it's a good car. Gas consumption looks rather good and I love the style of the '01/'02s.

What are the common problems with these cars and also, what should I look out for when searching for one?

How is the power compared to a MkIII Golf 2.0? I have an auto MkIII Golf right now but I'm planning on selling. Can't keep up with the part replacements lol.

In terms of mods though, I don't really plan on doing much to the engine. The main thing is lowering and sound. Is it okay to run lowering springs on stock struts? I did some searching and read that it's okay to run them on the stock GSi/GT struts but how about the GL? In terms of sound, what are the speaker sizes for it? Is the stock system any good?

From prior experience, I know companies like Eibach, K-Sport, Vogtland, Intrax and H&R are all good brands but on Ebay I came across some other companies such as "AG", "Dropzone" and "CM". Are those good brands too or should I stray away from them?

Do any of you know some good/trustworthy places to purchase these parts?

Thanks in advance! :)
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