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Quick question...

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Just wondering if a set or rotors for a 99 Accent will fit a 2004. Also would head and tail lights from a 2002 fit a 2004?
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haha anyhting will fit with a little persuation form Mr.Hammer lol.

but seriously, with alot of bondo and body filler yes they could fit.
the rotors from a 99 accent will not fit on an 04

the 99 has 4x114 bolt pattern vs the 2000+ has 4x100

the headlights might fit, depends on how much time and money you wanna put into it
So for the head/tail lights would you say that it would be a little bit of a fight to put them in?

Which of the two would be a better fit 02 headlights on an 04 or 02 taillights on an 04?
I like the looks of the headlights and the taillights of the LC2's...just keep them. Oh yeah if you want a different taillight look try looking at the DIY taillights of the LC2. They look nice.
Oh no i'm not...well yeah i am going for a different look, but i was in an accident and need new headlights anyway i found a set online for the 2002 that was $65 cheeper than the oem 04 headlights. (oh and also my tail lights)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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