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raced a GK GT V6 and GST

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the gk has a cai and sts. first run i walked him like nothing. off the launch i took him by half a car. second up a car, third i was 2 cars ahead. in the in i won by 1 1/2-2 1/2 cars. he spun all through first.

second run i pulled him in first by a car hit second up by 1 1/2. then half way in thrid he crept up end of third we were neck and neck. in the end i was right next to his fender if not closer.

The 2gen eclipse had catback, hard pipes, and boosting 15-16psi. off the launch i took him by a car. second pulled on him again. begining of thrid he was gaining, at the end of third he pulled up by a bumper. at the end i was next to his door.
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Did the GST spool at all before the start or something? 15psi!?!
Probably an auto GST.
the gst was manual. it's my buddy's he's been talking sh1t to me that he can smoke me know he doen't think my car is slow. he said he took back all the stuff he said about my car.

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the tib. i have no confidence in the audi. it's only soppose to run a 16.
ok, seems as if i've been off of these forums longer than it feels... whats ur setup? if u already have it posted, can ya link me plz?
"OBX headers and lightweight crank pulley, snorkel intake, Shark Racing colored gauges, KRD Cat-back with HKS rear section, NGK iriduim plugs and wires, B&G lowering springs custom ground wires, angel eyes, Excedy Clutch, 1.8 cam"
i also have my ac disconnected. i launch it at 4,500 to 5,500 rpms.
I dunno man.
the gk is a nt member. he'd tell you but he doesn't come on hp. the gst hit a 14.9 at the tracks.

well if i go out this weekend again i'll see if someone tapes it. it'll probably be vs the gk cause the gst hit a curb that night and fvcked his front suspension. the gk hits a 15.0.

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A GS-T 5-speed at 15 psi only running a 14.9?

I am curious to see what my tibby runs next year at WIR... I'll be happy if I can hit 15's. Thats sad.:(
Lilo, you are running a 15.1 with just a header, exhaust, 1.8L cam, lightweight crank pulley, and no A/C?

Are these all of your mods?
What weight reduction have you done? How much does your car weigh?
yeah, but i have a aftermarket clutch, iriduim plugs and wires, custom ground wires. car is stock wieght and no extra added wieght besides myself.
thats exactly the same 1/4 time i ran with my old 97 tib same mods almost exactly. dont underestimate an rd1 tib with light mods and wieght reduction with a good driver. I smoked lots and lots of cars that thought they should have beat me in that thing
sounds like the driver makes a big difference here. ask your buddy what rpm's he launches his car at.
makes me want to go beta II real bad in my accent :)
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