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this was a good race between me and otowntib but i should've warmed up my tires first. off the launch i take him, pop it into second and i keep pulling but he starts creeping. we hit third that's when his 6 cylinders worked for him be cause he pulled on the topend. he pulls slowly forward. we hit the quarter mark n i'm at his back tire or right behind him. i think if i warmed my tires up before hand i would've took him and if i put my 1.8 cam in i would've took it but oh well. there's always in the summer.

next race was against a 94 prelude w/ an f22 non- vtec, stock w/ an intake and universal muffler. didn't warm my tires up again.
ok, this guy was **** talking about me so we finally decided to race. we lined up and a pulled back half a car. and my buddy, he's the flagger, looks at me and tells me to pull up but i tell him this is how i'm going to start. the guy in the prelude looked at me then looked forward, damn olny if everybody saw his face expression man that was a kodiak moment. the look on his face was like ohhh... man... i'm f**ked. hahahahaha....
but back to the story off the launch i pull him by 1 1/2 cars hit second and i just keep going further and further away. i ended pulling him by 3 1/2 to 4 cars.

next race was a three car run against the prelude again and my friends 90 hatch w/ a d16z6, for those who don't know it's a 1.6 sohc v-tec, he's got headers high flow cat w/ a cat-back and r.e. works intake. well we line up and i pull back half a car again. this time my tires are warmed up from the race before.

off the launch we all get torque steer to the left, we all launched at 3 1/2 rpms, but when our tires grip i pull both of them by 2 cars then to second i pull 1 1/2 to 2 cars farther. shift to thrid i lag a little hate my thrid it's my doggy gear but i'm still ahead. when we hit the end i beat the prelude by 5-6 cars maybe more. n i beat my friends hatch by 6-7 cars maybe more.

my buddy messed up though cause 3 1/2 was too high for him to launch cause he should've beat the prelude n been behind me by 1-2 1/2 cars.

but hahahahaha

representing hyundai over honda.......

if you look at this otwontib that was a good run. we'll run again in the summer...
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