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Radiator question

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I drive a 2002 Lc. I was considering swapping my stock radiator out for a honda civic radiator. The reason being that the honda radiator is like half the size yet the motor is just as big. Main reason for this is my supercharger pipes are going to hit the radiator as of right now. I am just wondering if the car will over heat due to a smaller radiator or if you guys think I will be alright. thanks.
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i would find a different way to run the piping then. downgrading the radiator and supercharging seems like a good way to overheat.
Yeah, I get where your comming from but why would that same radiator work on a motor the same size? Doesnt make sense to me.
I was pretty sure honda radiators were bigger and/or thicker. Are you reffering to a half sized radiator? If so thats a good thick radiator and it would work. My friend just swapped to a honda radiator in his accent and its a big/thick one. He got it to fit with some minor fabrication. However with the work involved and the price of a new radiator, having to locate hoses to move everything, brackets etc it would probably be easier to keep what you got and run the pipes elsewhere.
my year and model of accent came stock with the 'half radiator.'
Wouldnt it be easier then to just move the radiator and make new brackets?
Yeah, it would be easier to just move the radiator except that I have a full size radiator. Mine takes up the whole front of the car.
same here. Maybe you can just shorten the brackets and lean it in a bit?
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