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I was out Monday in Renton, WA and I noticed a Rally Subaru parked out front of a little shop, it looked like Midas (Mineke). They also had a small performance shop involved which was sponsoring this SCCA Club Rally Subaru. I stopped in just for the heck of it since I've been trying to price Rally suspenion for my car. Well I know a guy who has a 91 Excel with Bilstein shocks and GAB sport struts and I was thinking of doing the same. Well the guy I was talking with was like "Wow you want to Rally your Excel? Thats pretty sweet." And so I told him about the other excel and he says "Well that guy's suspension set up probably cost around 2-3 grand." So I was like "Fudge! I can't afford that." and the guys says, well your car is very nice and it can possibly be very easy to rally it out for $1200." I asked how and he says he could take my rear shocks out and throw VW Golf Coil overs in the rear very very easily, and then he can probably adjust the front coil overs to have a taller spring by adjusting the spring mount lower and stick VW Golf Coil overs in the front. He said that would make the car do some big jumps and not worry about it falling apart. Also I could raise and lower the car for autocross, rallying, and normal driving. So if I was going competition that is what I would do. But I'm not so I'm gonna ask the guy what he'd suggest just for some sort of shocks and struts that would be tighter and would cause less leaning in corners, and see if my springs need to be tightened. I don't want to lower the car a bit... Just thought someone out there might want to know what Rally Suspension costs.

Timothy Zacher
1991 Excel Evo II Rally Project
#346 N
Des Moines, WA
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