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I'm seeing a lot of posts and topics here regarding rattling and road noise. As the moderator of this forum, I thought I would take some time to discuss this.

Hyundais are great cars without a doubt, but remember, this is no Mercedes Benz. Expect a rattle or 2, some wind noise, some road noise from tires, a plastic piece misaligned here and there, the sheetmetal with a defect or two on the side. Thats all normal in a car for this class. Its a great car for the money, but if you are looking for hard core solid build construction, quietness, etc. you will not find it here, or in hondas, toyotas, etc. Pretty much all lower end asian cars have quirks like this. As long as the car looks good and runs good, thats most important. If you want a rattle free, wind noise free, really solid built car, then go buy a Volkswagen. Its the only car I have seen that has a real solid fit and finish for a fraction of the price of a BMW or Mercedes. But then you have to deal with other problems. And even then, you may get a rattle or 2. So its not guaranteed.

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