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RD Tiburon Custom Made performance springs. Check it out!

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There is a company near where I live that has been manufacturing springs for almost 100 years now and has just recently branched off from the industrial and military applications and has started making performance springs for automotive applications. I have been talking with the president of this company and have come to the conclusion that we will be able to offer a competetive spring at a good price for the 1996-2001 RD Tiburon.

Since this spring is custom made and tested for a specific application, it will be of much higher quality then mass produced performance springs (iE eibach, Tein, HKS)

Here are the specs I am shooting for.
1.25" drop for the front and rear.
350 spring rate for the front 250 spring rate for the rear. (although these are not official yet so if anyone has any input on what your looking for in terms of specs shoot it my way)

This groupbuy will be able to move forward with as few as 10 people but the price gets progressively lower as we get more people joining in .

Here is a little table of what we could expect prices to be
10 orders- $255/set plus shipping
25 orders - $225/set plus shipping
50 orders - $205/set plus shipping

I will accept either paypal or Money Orders. (I will post up information as interest grows)

Since this groupbuy can go on with as few as ten people I beleive that it should only take 8 weeks (and hopefully no more than 12) to get the neccesary number of orders and the ship date for this groupbuy will be tentatively within two months after the order is put in, as these springs will be custom made. My proximity to the company will help cut down on the shipping time significantly since I will be able to pick the product up directly and ship it out within a day or two of completion.

As of right now shipping will only be to the continental 48 states but I will reconsider if I see a lot of international interest. Post up a zipcode for a shipping quote.

Thank you everyone for your interest and I look forward to getting this group buy underway.
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Approved by me, but please provide contact info for the company (at least the company name) that is making the springs so people have a fallback option if they lose touch with you.
The company name is Road Magnet
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