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Rear O2 Sensor on 00 Accent

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Well I got a CEL and had it scanned it read P0422 I think it was, Catalyst Emission too low. The guy said it was most likely the rear O2 sensor at the dealer, so I bought one and am ready to install it. Now I cant find a picture on but is it the sensor right after the flex pipe? Other than that one and the one on the header I dont see any other but I wanted to make sure! Any help is appreciated! I cant seem to see anything after the Catalytic Converter at all except the pipe all the way to the exhust...


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The second O2 senser should be behind the flex pipe.
Ok thanks, thats what I figured. I changed it and no more check engine light so far so cross your fingers :) The old was was BEAT, I mean if I looked that bad I wouldnt work either!
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