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rear seats

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has anybody ever removed the rear seats on the 99 tiburon? i just wanted some input on how hard this would be, since i really havent had time to check it out for myself...also, if anybody has any other idea's on how to lighten the car up a bit, your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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you could look at pretty shure it's easy a few bolt and your done
I removed mine from my 2000 Tib. I'm pretty sure they're the same when it comes to the seats. Theres only a few bolts that need to be removed, then they should just pop out.

It looks awesome if you convert it to a 2 seater.

This link should show you all you need to know.....
just grab some sockets and wrenches and start yankin crap out. its not hard at all.
to be EXACT in a 2000 tiburon there are 2 screws in the middle of each seat(in the crack where it folds) then there are 2 clips in the front of the seat holding it down and you just pop it out. i imagine an RD1 is identical
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