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Rear Speaker Help

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I just bought myself some Pioneer 5 1/4" 2-Way speakers for the back. I've only tried installing the back passenger side speaker. The wires back there are yellow and black. I had to cut the clip they were in. My question is which is positive, and which is negative. I'm guessing the black is negative, but if I reverse the wires it sounds the same. Also, the sound coming from the speaker is a lot lower then my stock speaker was. The driver side speaker is blown, could that cause it to sound underpowered?
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Look at the stock speaker because it has the + & - on it were the wires are soldered on;):
Cool, never noticed it. I'll check it out.

Hell... I hadto gut all the stock speaker wire out... I running a 450W 4CH Kenwood amp to all 4 corners and a Mono Sub amp to my 2 12" Kenwood Subs.

-Kenwood CD Player
-Kenwood 6CD Changer
-Kenwood Active DSP Unit
-Kenwood 450W 4 CH Power amp
-Alpine V12 Monoblock Sub amp
-4 5.25" Alpine Type S Speakers
-2 12" Kenwood Tornado Subs

Stock Alternator REEEEEEEEEEEALY dislikes it... A Lot!!!

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Do those kenwood tornadoes sound good? They're fairly cheap priced
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