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Red Ferrari VS Hyundai? Maybee not!

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BWAHAHAHAHA! Get this sh!t, I'm driving down tropicana, clear on the radar, I pull up next to this NICE ass red ferrari a 89 testarossa rossa corsa <img src="" border=0>
Flat v12 motor just sitting there at the light, So I roll down my window its a older guy of course and start revving my **** like crazy, he looks over shakes his head at me and looks ahead, this whole time theres this little ricey CRX to the RIGHT side of me and I was trying to get the ferrais attention, who was on the left. I said " AT LEAST REV YOUR ENGINE FOR ME MAN! ." Rolled down his window, smiled at me and sayed" You kids." So Im like ok old man your a jerk! you have a nice ass fast as hell car and your not gunna show me how fast you REALLY car? I was like ok fawk it. Race me or not , Im racing YOU! Light turns green, I lanch perfectly at around 2500 rpms and blast off like a jet outta hell, I look in my left rear view mirror and hes all the way back there, I just shook my head, then I look in my right rear view and see a little ricey CRX on my right side near my bumper, I shifted into second after 6600 rpms and streetched the tires, probably left about 2 feet worths of rubber on the floor, buy then, he was a car lenght behind me. I was like, Okay well atleast someone wanted to race my ass. The crx went into the left lane and turned, I was watching him from probably about a 6 car length distance. <img src=/images/forums/snitz/uhh.gif width=15 height=15 border=0> Crx got trashed. And the whole time I wanted to race the ferrai! how sad!!!<img src=/images/forums/snitz/guns.gif width=33 height=16 border=0>

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I live in a rich suberb of Chicago. These old farts around here drive all sorts of nice cars. When I first started driving, I would rev on vipers, loti, and porsches with my 1988 Buick Regal. It scared the hell out of them. They would roll up their windows, look away, or make a phone call. But sometimes, you would find some mid-life butthole that gets his kicks out of beating kids that make pennies while he makes dollers.
The great thing is that these people are generally wussies. If I exceded ten over the limit, they would brake and flash their lights.
My point is that it's not allways the car that makes the driver, it's the sive of the driver's BALLS!
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