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Cheers fellow Elantrians. I noticed a performance condition the other day, thought I'd get some feed-back.
The idea of shifting too early (before 6500 rpm) and losing power seems right from my owm observtions.
Someone posted a comment to the effect that even shifting at 6000
will cause you to lose power...again, seems correct. I have noticed, however, that if I attempt to take the car up toward redling in 1st
that it seems to bog or lose power
at or around 5000 or 5500 it stops accelerating or
reaches an impasse. The engine winds
away, but the power seems to plateau
or even drop off. It could be just my perception. Still, the power seems to be transfered more steadily
when I shift at 5000 rpm, which may or may not translate into faster acceleration. Comments please.
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