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Replacing Stock Rear Spoiler

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Hey all,

Lately I've been looking at aftermarket rear spoilers for my 2006 Hyundai Accent. Currently I have a stock rear spoiler.

The spoiler I'm interested in has a distance of 41" - hole to hole.

This of course sparked a couple of questions :

1) What is the distance, hole to hole, on the stock rear spoiler?
2) If there is a difference in the hole-to-hole distance is there any way to adjust it so that the spoiler will fit? (Perhaps some sort of a tool or a bracket of some sort).

In any case....the spoiler I'm looking at is on EBay.

If you search for "Item number: 290029847669" you'll find it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :smoking:
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I'm not sure of any way to find out the hole-to-hole distance of the stock rear spoiler other than going out to you car and measuring it ;):

If the hole-to-hole distance is different between your stock spoiler and that eBay one is much different, your best bet is to get body plugs for your stock spoiler holes, and to drill new ones for the new spoiler. nobody has to search on's the link:
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