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write about your LC,
where you bought it, what you like about it and what you don't,
also write what should be most improved,

I think this will help us understand each other a bit about our hyundai's

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I bought my 02 LC a few days after my 01 LC got totaled.

It was purchased at Amato Hyundai in Brown Deer Wisconsin

I liked that it was exactly the same as my 01 in almost every way except that the previous owner didnt take very good care of it and didnt keep up on the maintnance. I hated that the L model didnt come with a tach but that was easily solved with a GL cluster swap. I also didnt like the whole cup holder being all one piece so I replaced the whole center panel with one from an LC2 which had 2 cup holders.

All in all im in love with the LC its a great car even though it may not be the most popular its still fun.

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I bought mine in July of 01, it was a previously owned company car or something like that and they took really good care of it up until that point. It only had like 800 miles on it when I got it so that was pretty good.

I like the fact that it's small and fun to drive, but I don't like the fact that it's a dirt magnet. All they had was the white accent when I really needed the car, so that's what I got.

What I think should be most improved is the power of course. It's light and small enough to really be a nice fast car if it had some more power to it. :D

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I bought mine new at Jim Ellis Hyundai in Atlanta.

I like the ride, the handling, and the layout of the cabin. In fact, I like everything about the car, except for a few things (which sound like a lot, but aren't):

  • The seats need less ugly fabric -- even the gray plaid from the GL would be better.
  • The seats are too wide, which means the side bolsters don't hold me very well
  • The windshield wipers don't have enough speeds (they skip directly from "geologic" to "hyper")
  • Since I have the GT, the shifter is leather. However, the e-brake is not. They really ought to match.
  • It ought to come with tinted windows from the factory.
    And, of course, the ubiquitous:
  • I wish it had a Beta!!! :D

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Thanks for your submission Jonas.

as for me...It's a 2001 Coastal Blue..yes the cursed accent everyone keep's talking about here..if you don't know what i'm talking about..ask fixation and skierd,

it's my first time buying my own car and a first time with a manual,

it was purchased at brown's Hyundai of Manassas..great dealership, great people, crappy service.

I Liked the Car from The felt Too solid..built quality was very impressive although i can't say the same for the build materials,

In Many aspect' was better than the 2000 kia sephia my family used to have,
the kia felt a little crude and the engine was thrashy and the interior was Below average,
cheap thin plastic door panel's made the cabin noisy

Not so with Hyundai's Bottom of the dollar offering with the accent, The accent have sign's that the korean automaker was improving and fast
Now..I'm a Interior expert and i alway's never overlook the slightest details,

The Dash had a clean layout and the audio and temperature control's were where you needed them, while the single piece hard plastic dashboard was unpleasant, it did have a quaity toughness to it and felt thicker than more flush with matching part's than Kia,

The Interior has nearly flush gap's and everything fit's and finish is very good, unlike on my sephia where the steering wheel column'spening through the dash, i noticed some excess vinyl and creeping out,..due to poor cutting

Although it was small and puny, it had a handsome stance, the character line's reminded me of the ferrari testarossa where the rear end has like a sharp edge on it's tail,
The bumper's and the side's match well to smooth out the line's and the body fit is Good
The front look's similiar to the subaru GC8 Impreza still.

here's the weak point of the car, while it's handling is predictable and understeer's to remind that your driving it to the limit, acceleration is Okay but not enough to blow away a 2nd generation toyota's top spec offering 1.6L G4ED Inline 4 lack's punch in the lower rpm's and has to be revved to extract passing power, The I/H/E "Intake, headers, Exhaust"..treatment might be able to help gain about 6 horsepower or so and because of the car's lightweight more than 2200 Pounds..I'm sure that 6 horsepower will be felt somewhere.

with an upgraded tire and wheel package..this car show's that handling is it's Forte.
I've recently Upgraded my puny trailer size 175/70/R13's to a set of 15inch honda civic steelie's shod with 195/50/R15 Kumho Ecsta "MED COmpund" 711 high performance tire's
steering is sharp but not too much, 45MPH turn's on 90 degree corner's are a breeze and feel's very impressive in the rain.

as far as engine mod's go..there's are a decent amount of them available..turbo kit's are available..some internationally....I personally wanted a domestic produced supercharger kit but such thing doens't exist but in australia.

and One thing I hate about this cars is the fact that swapping cd player's or head unit's are a pain in th ass..sometime's i hate the car for it, The HVAC Steel cable's that are attached to the HVAC Knob's won't come off and the that cause's the whole dash bezel to be in the way, i got upset by this and ripped the whole thing out in fury..unfortunately and cursed Chung-Mong-Koo...even the sephia was a snap to swap stereo's than this.HAH!
but i got it back together and had it reinstalled,

it's an economy car and sometime's we think it's more than that..
it's an Very great alternative to the civic except for the crude Dashboard and it's innards
it's a favorite for autocrosser's and show's

My Rating 0-10........7.9

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My car actually started out as 1989-1996 Suzuki Swift GT. I was planning on building a weekend auto-Xer out of it. While researching, I found a web site that offered body kits for the Swift. And after further digging into their site, I found that Yellowish Gold Sick Division Accent with the Director Kit. I was hooked from there.

Around the same time frame, the misses was pushing me to get a used Corvette C5. But I was till sprung with the “Damn, that’s a Hyundai?” shock factor. So, I picked up my LC in February of 2001.

I still planned on doing the weekend auto-Xer. But that idea came to an end after about 3 months. After problems fitting parts on my car, getting robbed by HDK, and just lack of performance parts in general, I gave up. At that time, being a brand new car, it didn’t seem like a good idea to do a custom turbo or an experimental swap so I went all show.

The car has been good to me. Most of my problems have been self-inflicted by experimenting with this and that. No complaints really. Everything that I would have complained about has already been replaced (fruity interior but that’s long gone, sloppy shifter but that’s gone too, etc. etc. etc.). And I very rarely think that I made the wrong decision about getting the Accent over the Corvette.

I do have one complaint. Hyundai Owners SUCK! Too often do I see people bashing other people’s cars and ideas (and I’ve done it too). Instead of offering constructive criticism, most of us are quick to talk trash about something we don’t like. This doesn’t help the Hyundai Scene at all even if the bashing is deserving or not. Instead, it deters people from displaying their cars at shows or at the track and what not. And the less we are out there, the less we will get noticed as legitimate tuner cars. But anyways….

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I bought it because I wrecked the engine in my ST204 Celica (for the second time) and didn't want to fork over a ton of money to fix it... again.

So I bought an accent for two reasons:
1. It's cheap
2. I'm korean

I didn't even test drive the car. I just walked into the dealership (Precision Hyundai in Calgary) and told them I'd buy the cheapest new accent they have on the lot. I didn't care as I thought I'd be selling it in a couple years anyhow.

5 years later, I love the car and don't want to part with it.

I like it because it came with some nice stuff you usually don't get in a BASE model ZERO options car. It came with a Tachometer and variable intermittent wipers, which are two things I REALLY appreciate, and it DIDN'T come with all the things I DON'T like. For example:
no power steering
no AC
no power locks
no power windows
no crappy factory stereo

With no AC/PS, the little 1.5 SOHC is actually pretty zippy! I'll bet it'll show up the fully optioned 1.6DOHC accents.

I love it because it can hold a crapload of stuff in the back. It's a small car but can hold such HUGE cargo! I've stuffed everything from furniture to engine cranes in there with the hatch fully closed. Store employees who help me load this stuff always are flabbergasted at what can easily fit inside the car.

I also found that with stock springs, if you can set your damping rates perfectly equal on all 4 corners, it totally changes the handling of the car... in a great way. It's now pretty balanced but can oversteer if you want to.
It's killer on the snow/ice!!!

What I hate:
Why hyundai programmed their fuel maps lean enough to ping is beyond me. That's just stupid in my book. I now run premium fuel just to help keep pinging down. It STILL pings on premium.
Interference engine? Damn I hate those! I'm just used to toyotas I guess, almost none of which have interference engines.
And I second the motion on the seats. They're too W I D E !!! I am not 280lbs; I get thrown around in that seat while driving on the track. I guess that's what we get for living in the FATTEST part of the world. I don't mind the coloured flecks though... it's quite subtle on my car.

I love the car. I'm gonna be sad the day it leaves my stable.

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I got my 2002 Desert Sand 4-door LC from a junkyard in the Boon Docks. We bought it with the rear end totaled but the car was completely driveable wrecked. MY grandfather found another wrecked LC and welded the to together to make one single car. However he cannot paint at all so there are plenty of paint scratches and chicks all over the car.

205/50/15 BF Goodrich (sp?) tires on black Rota Slipstreams
Tinted Windows
Cleared Headlights
AEM 2g Eclipse RAI
Magnacore Wires
Pioneer 5500 headunit, 5.25 2-way front , 6.5 4-way rear speakers
Alpine amp and 2 12" Type S's in custom made sealed box
Reverse glow gauge cluster

And for the stuff I dont like I cant get the wheels to stay balanced for more than 2 mins because the hubs are so small on the car.

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I picked up my 02 LC hatch in April of 02 at Maita Hyundai. My 91 Excel tranny was slippin bad so it was time for a new car. At the time I wasn't into cars to much and had no idea how hard it was gunna be when I decided to look into aftermarket parts. Of course whats the first thing newbies are looking for to put onto there cars? Altezza lights! I just had to have them so I went searching and found some sites, Kore, Sharkracing and hyundai aftermarket were some of the first sites that I found. Then I ran across 1SickGS websight and I couldnt believe what he had done to his car. After that moment I just had to modify everything in my car.

List of things I didnt like
1) Power, or lack of
2) Seats, horrible speckle pattern
3) Rims

What I did like
1) Price, I paid it off in october 04
2) Rear factory spoiler, love the way it follows the lines
3) Handling, not to shabby for a $10,000 dollar car
4) MPG, city 27-30 and freeway 30-33mpg
5) The way I can cut threw traffic with my little car

Whats been done (in order)
1) Tint
2) ICE
3) Motegi mr3 17x7
4) Roof Spoiler from sharkracing (not availible anymore)
5) Intake
6) 2 1/4 inch exhaust
7) Beta swap with beta tranny
8) 4-2-1 headers for beta
9) Custom grill (still under construction)

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Bought it August of this year, used, from a private party, 51,000 miles.


-1.6 DOHC is quite a punchy little engine, surprisingly torquey for it's size
-Add-ons are easy as all the wiring is already there (even though it's a base model)
-Most of the interior and dashboard feels solid, if not particularly high quality
-Fuel economy, duh


-Steering return to center is way too strong, but maybe I'm just used to RWD
-Sloppy shifter, throws too long
-Seats are comfy, but don't offer enough lateral support
-Rearward visibility SUCKS for backing up (hatchback)
-Not sure if it's due to the tires the PO put on it, but surprisingly poor traction on even mildly slick pavement
-I understand making cars understeer for the average stupid driver, but they really went overboard, might be the tires
-No way to pop the hatch from inside the car
-Too easy to turn off the headlights if you hit the turn signal
-Factory 13" wheel covers stick out too much, die at the mere sight of a curb

I know that seems like a lot more dislikes than likes, but most of them are minor gripes. On the whole, it seems like a solid little car, especially for the money.

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I got my brand new 2003 LC2 3 door in August 2003 from "Giant Hyundai" here in WA, Australia. It was to be my first car. Why an Accent? Well I learnt to drive in an LC and when I saw the ads for the new LC2 coming out soon, I had my mind set. :D

It was one of the initial models of the LC2 released so that meant I don't have electric windows or power locks/central locking/colour coded trim and mirrors. I distinctly remember the salesman taking me for a drive in it (the exact car I was going to buy) and he was driving...he grinded 2nd gear!! Gaaarrgh!!! I was about to ask him for a replacement gearbox lol. Mine had 24km on the clock by the time I got my hands on it.

I have to this day put 90,100km on the vehicle and so far there have been no major issues at all. It's a little champ alright. I love it so much I've been driving it so much. I just had the major 90k km service done and boy can I feel the difference now! I'm thinking it's either the "Vactek" cylinder head carbon clean they performed or the fact that the manual tranny oil has finally been replaced (original MT oil since new). Whatever it is the car now pulls so much better, I reckon I can break into sub 10 second 0-60s. X) The timing belt has just been changed also so that's extra peace of mind hehe.

As for things I like and dislike, see below:

Likes (Loves X)):

- Overall shape. I dunno, I think I've grown to like it over the years but I just love it the way it sits. The fact that it only has two side doors makes it look kinda more sporty too. It's true the LC2 looks a little too 'happy' in the face than the LC Accents but with the grille mod I have, I reckon it looks awesome lol. I think it's a "poor mans Tibby", especially the 3 door lol. So far I've had 3 people comment on how nice my car looks (2 of them in a fuel station when paying for fuel, one male one female hehe) and 1 of the them was a child of about 12, who, I think, should be fantasizing about Skylines and Supras lol. Plus I've had countless people keep pace with me ogling my car or turning their heads as I've passed (watch my head inflate with pride lol).

- Handling. Stock handling is OK, but with some decent mods, it becomes a real hoot to drive. How many times have I been tailgated by some car and then taken a roundabout or a corner at a brisk pace and then look in the rear view mirror and find the tailgater 50 metres away lumbering through the chicane/corner lol. It stays next to flat in the corners and basically, I'm still on my original brake pads at 90k kms with heaps to go...because of the absence of the need to slow down.

- Performance. The 1.6 litre DOHC engine as stock is somewhat peppy for a small car but after driving a loaner and then driving mine with all my mods afterwards, I definately know which one I'd take. :lol: My favourite gear of all time is 2nd with this car (manual). It just 'slingshots' the car to highway speed in next to no time. I love the way my engine sounds with all these mods too (I/H/E/Chip) just sounds like its hammering through the revs especially at close to 6k rpms...kinda like a Rally car. No ricer sounds at all. It makes everyone turn their heads in anticipation (only to see it's an Accent...aww lol). Performance aside, the motor itself has also impressed me. When warm it only takes a half second of cranking to turn it over and it bursts into life straight away.

- Interior. While the interior may not be exactly 'inspired', with loads of grey plastic around the place (no cloth door trim on mine either) I think that sometimes simple is best too. As someone else has already said, the dash feels very solid and stays silent over the roughest of bumps. I do occasionally get a few creaks from the rear area of the interior over rough tarmac roads, but it's nothing overly audible. Seats, as mentioned by someone else also, could use a little more 'wraparound' too, as they look like they were designed for a huge person lol. Luckily I don't have any funny coloured spots on my seat trim hahaha. This seems more like a 50/50 than a 'Like' lol. Oh well.


- Biggest gripe - Wheel balances. Even with the correct hubrings installed (tight, no play on the hub or rim centre bore), it seems some shops (even the Hyundai dealers) can't get it right, heck I tried to rotate the tyres myself the other day and no matter what I tried when fitting the front wheels back on, they still vibrated at high speeds. However I have now found a shop that will do a perfect balance that gives me no steering wheel vibration at all when driving at highway speeds. I don't know what these guys do when they fit the wheels back on, but all I know is there's no vibration at all when they're done with the car. I definately know who I will be taking my car too in future when having the wheels rotated/balanced. :D

- Rear vision. I guess this can't be helped with a 3 door "hatchback" vehicle. I had the chance to drive a 4-door LC2 as my loan car when I had this service done the other day, I found that rear vision in general was so much better; probably because the entire "profile" of the rear section of the vehicle is kept at a level if you get what I mean. The 3 door Accent has a window profile that slopes upward as it gets to the rear.

Not many dislikes there, I think mine Accent is uber! 8D

Edit: Midas well list my mods:

- 20mm rear sway bar
- Eibach Pro Kit springs
- Front strut brace
- KYB Struts
- Powerchip
- Window tint
- 15x6.5" alloys & 195/50 Potenza GIIIs
- 4-1 header
- 2.25" full exhaust
- Short ram intake
- BBTB (53mm)

Cheers, Harm

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I bought mine in 2001 brand new, and loved it cause I was a 16 year old with a new car. Bought it from a dealer that I will never buy from again which says a lot since I know one of the owners.

I like the lines on the car, and that it is light. The color is growing on me althought when I bought the car it was my third choice.
I don't like how it is hard to find aftermarket parts, and warrenty work takes forever, also the beta motor would be nice.

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I bought my LC used from the dealer. 55,000 kms on it. i got this car. cause it was the ONLY car out of all calgary dealerships that would finance me. (calgary suzuki and hyundai) precision screwed around with me and some of my friends so much lawsuits are pending.

despite me not having any choice in what vehicle i could have gotten. this one has really grown on me. and there is much to be done on it to make it a really great car.

gripes: exessive rattling (pinging?) when under accelleration
-fogs to easily. have to have defogger on 4 all the time to keep windows clear. makes for a hot ride.
-factory 5% rear window tint is developing bubbles under the film. have to remove windows to replace tint
-cheep ass front window glass, rock hit window. i immidiately went and got a place to repair. repair went better then normal. next day it cracked out., crack was stop drilled and refixed. next day whole window was spiderwebbed. window place said they have never seen that in 34 years. needless to say. they replaced window for cost.
-not the smoothest shifting car in the world.
-if the v6 3.6l mivec engine in the eclipse was not a solid heavy iron paperweight it be the perfect engine for the car. with just enough room for dual turbos.
-noisy door and hatch seals have to add a foam strip to make it seal right

likes: body styling and stance, and the potential it has to accept custom carbon fiber body mods and panels.
-wide seats. i am a 260 lb behemoth. so it fit's me perfectly:p
-42.6 mpg hwy fuel mileage that almost matches the 50 mpg ford fusion hybrid for milage
-price nice and low. for the quality
-dash is well placed. don't care about the center console being hard to remove. going to dremmel out a place for the navigation screen anyway and in glovebox computer controlled sound system brains.
-feels great to drive. well compared to the old rusted vw's i have owned in the past

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Originally posted by goincommandocam
However he cannot paint at all so there are plenty of paint scratches and chicks all over the car.

Haha, i should scratch up my car so I can get chicks all over it too! ;):

After reading the posts, I have to second the motion that shoulder checking the driver's side (on LHD cars) SUCKS! The pillars line up perfectly to totally block your vision of the blind spot! And no hatch release annoys the heck out of me too!!!

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another gripe i have about the LC hatch is that the seatbelt really squeeze's you when you're driving and i have to buy a seat belt clip to stop the shitty design of the seat belt from squeezing my could have at least put a retainer near the headrest's like on the GM Cars..or the chrysler sebring..

Although it's a affordable's stil crude in some ways..

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my 2005 is a rattle box... im going to gut it and dynomat the whole thing.. ill have the only 3000lbs accent.. and the shift linkage is garbage... brand new car that grinds gears..

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I bought my LC brand spankin new at Hyundai of Santa Maria, only 16 miles on it, had all the interior and exterior covered in plastic. Paid 11 grand for it, and im almost done paying it :ermm:

When i bought it I was looking for just something that would last me a long time, as i was a "muscle car guy" back then but couldnt really afford to be messing with old cars. If it were not for being called in to work one fatefull saturday I would have bought a 91 Ford mustang 5.0 that they had for 5 grand, that thing was sweet, but they sold it and I decided I didnt need something like that at that point.

So then all my friends -of course- had honduhs so they were modifying them and i couldn't find a damn thing for the accent, but there was somehting about korean cars that did it. Well needless to say I drove, and continue to drive the hell out of it, taking out some vital engine components along the way, and it still impresses me.

So right about now I just graduated high school and get thrown head first into the real world. Everyone has a Honda, bodykits, altezzas, blue lights, big ass heavy wheels, projector head lights. Then the fast and the furious comes out and the whole ricer scene explodes, with me of course being left behind. So then I start going online looking for ****, and discover a site by the name of, and, and eventually and so the story goes.

Heres kind of a run down of all the **** old faithful has been through since i bought it in july of 2000:

-first mod, lower the car at some muffler shop with a oxyacetalene toch on the springs:dead:

-put 16 inch wheels on it and have rubbing issue
-install magnaflow muffler at above shop
-devise a custom cold air intake after the fifth try
-get rid of 16 inch wheels for 15 inchers
-get rid of 15 inchers for 17 inchers (white tenzo shu 10's)
-get rid of 17 inch tenzos for 17 inch ADR dtm wheels
-get fed up with loosing every damn race I encounter so I get a NOS 35-50-75-100 shot wet kit
-blow up my intake, filter and eventually damage piston rings in cyl #2 with highest shot of above kit taking out a integra gsr along the way.
-fix the alpha, put coilover sleves in it, sell the 17's to help pay for fixing it, and roll on donuts
-Install black chrome altezzas (finally). And discover a magical place known as
-Look up info on doing a beta swap, all I find is speculation and run around so i say phuck it and order me up an entire drive line off of a 01 elantra gt
-1 month later get it swaped in, 3 months later get the damn thing to run
-Drive on straigh headers for like 2 months, rollin on 155/85r/13, then finally fix the exhaust on it.
-get rid of ghetto intake and get a weapon r intake, a carex strut bar, 16 inch adr dtm's, scorcher t/a tires, car looks bad ass.
-take out some **** in an integra gsr at the street races, they get mad, i talked ****, next thing i know there are kicks, dents and scratches all over the right side of my car.
-Move away from home, sell wheels, stereo system to pay for college :cry:
-Not willing to pay over 1 grand to have the body work done I say phuck it and buy 22 cans of rustolem flat black paint, some sanding supplies and have at it.
-This is just a general overview lol, there are plenty of odd little things that I didnt mention such as brakes, stereo mods, Auto meter tach, wheel studs, like 6 other sets of wheels

I dont think anyone on these boards have put their cars through the kind of **** i have. I literealy modded the hell out of it, then abused it, and then used it as my daily driver. Going to the street races every friday and sunday, getting chased by cops, going through 30+ bottles of nitrous, burnouts - oh god the burnouts- then the beta came and more burnouts along with it.

Right now it has no p/s everything that could possibly squeak, moan, creek or make a noise does so with a passion in this car. Blown struts, bad alighnment CEL, Airbag lights are on. But the damn thing still goes.

Over all I am impressed with Hyundai, because of all my friends that had Honda's, my hyundai saw the worst of it, and mine has outlasted all of their cars, no one has the same car anymore due to break downs, blown engines or just plain worn down cars.:paranoid:

Oh yea, I like the speckeled seats, i think it gives them that Korean exclusivity :D

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I bought my 2001 Accent only a couple of months back. I got it from a dealer with only 34,000 kms on the clock. I had only just bought my first Hyundai - a 1996 5 door Excel 6 weeks previously but when I saw that sexy yellow Accent complete with full Talon WRC body kit, lowered, sun roof, alloys etc etc I just had to have it right there and then.

The only mod I've done so far is got a phat cannon on the back :evil:

Likes: I find the car very nice to drive. Quite well built for it's price range. Handles nicely too. I love the colour, the shape, the whole profile is awesome.

Dislikes: There's only one thing that bothers me... The gear change. It's shocking. So notchy and it can even grind on the odd occasion. I use to drive a 1965 Morris 1100 so if I think the gear change is bad, it must really suck! Hyundai cannot find any fault though :puzzled:

Overall I'd give my Accent a big thumbs up.

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try a ball type shift knob..the stock shifer knob is trash and leave's your hand sticky from the made a big difference in how i felt my shifter and the shift's felt more predictable...also shorten's the shifter height by an inch too.
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