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I have a tidal wave blue car as you can see in my profile. What are your opions on puting these rims on it? I cant picture rims on a blue tibby without actually seeing them on another tibby. I want 18" for sure just need help picking some out. ANy ideas? Feel free to post many pics of rims on tibbys. or show me a link.... Thanks
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Get a nice Chrome border but get the spokes painted to match your car. This is very sexy and popular as of late.
Originally posted by KP057

Ithink something like this...

these are the SSR Professor SP1...

Black, with a polished lip... I think a spoke pattern similar to stock, (straight 5-spoke, curved 6-spoke, etc.) in a silver, brushed alluminum, anthracite, or black, with a polished lip would look like sex on your car.
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that actually looks pretty good on there.
there is a web site that you can upload (or download, whatever) a picture of your car and it shows you what the rims would look like on your car. i cant think of the damn website now.... any help?? :ermm:
Yea those are nice rims... i just cant picture those on my color blue car. i like polished aluminum Too.
Chrome is for low riders and VIP cars.

Get a nice gunmetal w/chrome lip rim to compliment your ride.
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