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im am trying to replace the rotors on my 2003 elantra GT. there is a brass colored phillips screw that seems to be holding the rotor in place? do i need to take this screw out? on my ford contour the rotor would just come off without taking a screw out.
thanks in advance
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thanks - its pretty tight and soft(brass?) im afraid ill strip it...any suggestions?

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A screwdriver that fits?
very funny- i put a screwdriver that 'fit' and it wouldnt budge - the head began to strip so i stoppd. there is only 1 screw and the other hole seems to have a recesed screw? anyone actually taken rotors off a 2003 elantra gt?
I have the same screw on my Accent. It's to hold the rotors on during factory assembly and serves no purpose once you bolt a wheel onto the car. Get it out using any means necessary, drill it if you have to, it doesn't matter. Other than that if you want to try to get it out I suggest you spray penetrating oil on it and let it sit for a while and try again with the screwdriver.

BTW, a little off topic but Craftsman makes some amazingly great screwdrivers that almost never strip a screw. I know, it seems like they would all be the same but I swear they're not.
thanks - i was hoping i didnt need it...i have craftsman screwdrivers so ill give it another try before i drill it out.
does anyone know the rotor minimum thickness for 2003 elantra gt?

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