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RSM fitted to Scoupe GT

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Has anyone fitted a RSM to any of there cars on here? speciely any Scoupes? prefered turbo varient, if so can u please let me know i could deff us ur help. thanks guys.
BTW new pics up soon the scoupe is 2 tone bonnet,roof and boot
looks insanely hot, peace.
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sorry whats an rsm??im trying to get some parts for my car...i live in the USA....thanx
APEXI REV SPEED METER, u know the lil silver units with blue screens, u would see them in heeps skylines, 240sx's etc etc.
they measure a ton of **** throughout ur engine, nifty lil things hey....
peace i got a wireing diagram for one now anyway, so if anyone else needs one just ask.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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