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Scared RSX type S hahahaa

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No no juice needed, was on the way home last night and I had a pair of head lights glued to my bumper so I moved over to let him pass. The ass then CUT ME OFF!!!! then move back into the fast lane so well I had to show him that a 99 Elantra is nothing to laught at. All I had to do was stick beside him and box him in, not hard at all, actually I was surprised he couldn't pull away from me :) . At 180 kph they're nothing to brag about at all.

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Nice man, I think the Acura people are now pissed of at the hyundai folks, just cuz we showed that a 200hp 6 speed could loose to your "Oh thats a Hyundai...don't worry about it", 181hp 2003 tiburon. Lmao.

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Red! Red! What shall I do? Where shall I go!?
Frankly Scarlet, I don't give a damn! >=0)
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