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scoupe beta swap??

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what all do I need to get to do a beta swap??? I know computer engine wireing harnesses but what about the 5-speed in my scoupe right now do I need to get one out of a tib or will mine be suffencent and if I need a diffrent tranny do I have to combine the two cv shafts or will the ones out of a tib work and on the subject of the cv axles if my tranny is enough for the engine will the cv axles be enough. also which engine do I want the 1.8 or 2.0 which one is easyest build up and which one will withstand more power? do the motor mounts for the 1.5 and the beta engine line up or am I going to need to make motor mounts. what about the radiator will the 1.5 radiator cool well enough or do I need to get a bigger one. I am just asking so if I decide to beta swap that I know what I need and there isn't any surprises and it also depends on what all I am going to have to do to beta swap on weather I turbo the 1.5 or get rid of it and go bigger and go DOHC
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you need to post the following ... year <.<
if it is a 4g15 in there i would sugjest a 4g63 swap instead of a beta swap . early scoups are mitsubishi based ... therefore the motor form a eclipse would be more straight foward and less painful as a beta swap . easy way to tell is if the motor is on the left side of the car it is mitsu , right hyundai
I have the scoupe II I have Two 94 scoupes and one 93 scoupe
ok how about anyone with an accent beta swap what all did you need for that there are close in design
See the Hybrid Forum on this site.........all the posts relating to the Accent Beta-swap apply equally to the S-Coupe Mk.II.

I would swap-in a complete Beta I two-litre engine/gearbox unit from a `96 to 2000 Tiburon or Elantra which has been scrapped due to rear-end will add 47b.h.p. to the n.a. S-Coupe`s power!.

When you are bored with this, you still have the option to turbocharge the Beta!!.;):

ok thanks thats what I needed to know and I know about the turbo option thats why I am looking more towards swaping rather than just turboing my car as it is.
Forget about turbo`ing your existing engine........the 2.0 Beta swap is a lot more do-able & gives you FAR more `bangs-per-buck`!.

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