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Scoupe Turbo Parts for Sale

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I have some parts left from my 93 S-Coupe Turbo that have been sitting in my garage for a while. I'd like to clear the space. All parts were pulled when the car had less than 80,000 miles on it.

The stock turbo comes with the O2 housing and O2 sensor, waste gate actuator and arm and what looks like an oil line. It boosted fine when on the car (14psi), but I believe it will need a rebuild as it does not spin as easily as it should. Fins are in good condition.

The manifold is as you see it. There is one crack in the top that leaked a tiny bit, but I would be happy to weld that before shipping it out. Works just fine as is. May also be able to give it a quick sandblasting treatment if looks are important to you. (depends on price and my schedule)

Stock turbo to intake manifold pipe. In perfect working order.

Stock intake pipe with Mass Air Flow Sensor and filter.

I may also have a radiator around. Not sure if I saved that or not.

I apologise for the somewhat lacking descriptions. These parts were pulled hastily before the tow truck came to pick it up and have been sitting for a while. My memory of everything is imperfect.

All items are best offer. Shipping from 55009. You can email me at (@t) gmail [dot] com or post up your contact info.

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No interest? I know someone wants parts for a turbo project. Buy it all, buy a piece. Whatever, it's just taking up space here.
interested in the intake pipes (both to and from the turbo) with maf, name a price and I will let you know (price with shipping)

and the oil line if it's the one with the reducer in it.
I'm not positive on what to ask. I'm not much in the Hyundai world. I do DSM's. ;):

Going off what I've seen other MAF's go for, maybe $50. (BTW, it's hard to see in the picture, but the MAF still has the plug, not sure if it's needed to splice in or not, but worth mentioning)

Just throwing out a wild number for the pipe, but $20?

I imagine shipping would be $10 to $15. Let me know if that all sounds fair.

I'm not sure what you mean by the reducer on the oil line. The loose one looks like it was probably an extention piece either to or from the turbo. It is the same diameter throught. Both oil lines at the turbo are still attached and were cut at the rubber couplers and are thus also in tact. Is one of those the one you were talking about?

Also, I may be interested in selling the stock side mount intercooler off my Talon later this week if anyone is interested. Recently cleaned and checked. It's in good shape. The stock hose could go with it if interested. (got to get the piping for my new intercooler here, routed and welded first).
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F***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where were you when i needed this!! DAAAMNNN!!

someone buy this please! :sleepy:
how much do you want for the turbo and how much for the manifold?

also do you know where to get a rebuild kit?
It looks like the manifolds usually list for $50 + shipping. Given the little crack I'd take a little less, especially if it's bought with the turbo.

The turbo with the O2 housing and sensor, lines and waste gate actuator. Maybe $70 + shipping.

As for rebuilding it, I'm not positive, but I'd be willing to bet any place that sells kits for the T25 could probably help you out. There's a good chance the seals and other rebuild components are the same, because that's the case with most mitsu turbos. The seller "g-pop-shop" on ebay claims to be able to get a hold kits for most turbos. I'm sure plenty of others can as well.
Well, I do not really need the maf,

So how much for just all the piping? lmk, not in a rush
I'd be more inclined to just drop the price a bit and sell it all together.

Otherwise, how about $20 for the intake piping and $20 for the hard pipe plus shipping? So $50ish.

I'd sell it with the MAF for $65 shipped.
is that a T-25 turbo??? if so how much are you willing to sell it for?? and i call dibs
well we need to know what turbo it is, so we can see if we can find a rebuild kit. I think its a t15 but im not sure

Im not sure if I want it but what about $110 for the turbo (w/lines & wastegate accuator) and manifold.

Also how much do you want for the dsm intercooler?

Also how much for shipping to Canada?
The turbo is a T15. Stock turbo off the Scoupe. The reason I say it may be the same rebuild kit is the similar variants often use the same kit IE: T25 and T28 use the same rebuild components (so possibly the T15 as well). 14b, 16G and quite possibly 13G, etc... use the same kits.

The offer for the turbo and manifold is fine. I'm not sure about shipping to Canada. I expect it would be a little more. I tend to try and be fair about shipping. I'll ask for what I think it will be. If it's drastically different I'll request the difference or refund it (depending on whether it was higher or lower.

Where in canada would I be shipping it to, I'll try to get a quote.
Edit, I checked shipping to Toronto and LA To get a base line idea of shipping on the Turbo and Manifold. Toronto was about $30 and LA was about $25.

Maybe $50 shipped on the intercooler.
shipping would be to N0B 2A0 area code in Ontario province. Do you have a pic of the intercooler?
shipping was the same.

No pics of the intercooler yet. I got my piping today so I should hopefully have the old one out and the new one in by tomorrow.

FYI, I'm leaving town this Saturday and will be gone off and on until the end of the month so if anyone wants things shipped quickly you'll have to let me know soon. I'll try my best to accomodate anyone by having someone ship for me if possible, but I cangaurantee doing it myself if I get payment by Friday.
On second thought, I think that the scoupe uses a sealed t15 that is unserviceable. But I might still be intrested in the intercooler. But ill have to wait till you get back.
it is serviceable. ctually there is another post here on the forums about it
All right, I'm leaving town for a week or so. I'll be back Saturday and Sunday. Anybody who wants things shipped out then can either paypal me a price I've accepted above (paypal = xveganxcowboyx @ graffiti . net obviously without the spaces) or you can email me your phone number and I'll call you as soon as I get back.

Also, the side mount intercooler is officially up for sale. No pics yet (been busy) but it is in good shape.
as much as i want the intercooler, i dont think I really have the money right now.
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